Dog Games® Puzzle Toys challenge dogs and stimulate their senses – it’s boredom busting, mental exercise for your pooch!



Teach your dog step-by-step problem solving skills, and offer an appropriate outlet for natural behaviors.



Game play is an interactive, positive, and fun experience. These experiences build bonds, and help to properly socialize your dog.





Environmental Enrichment

Dog Games® are Inspired by Environmental Enrichment in Zoos
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First implemented in zoos to alleviate boredom in captive animals, environmental enrichment is the ongoing process of providing animals with challenging activities designed to stimulate their natural drives and instincts.


Prior to this practice, lack of enrichment activities led to stress, anxiety, fear, and other abnormal, self-destructive behaviors. When caretakers introduced environmental enrichment activities, animals showed improvement in various indicators of psychological well-being. Animals demonstrated an improved ability to cope with, and adapt to, changes in their environment, along with an increased ability to engage in species-specific behaviors. Environmental Enrichment has also been shown to decrease excessive stress, and produce a more balanced temperament.

Much like wild animals, domestic animals have both physical and psychological needs. Dog Games are designed to address those needs by decreasing boredom, encouraging constructive activity, and creating an outlet for species-appropriate behaviors. By eliciting mental stimulation, the use of natural instincts, and involvement in productive and rewarding actions, our Dog Games make for a more satisfied and healthier dog.

The Value of a Toy and Training Tool in One

The focus and self-control developed by solving puzzles can carry over into obedience training and behavioral modification.
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Despite being domesticated, dogs retain instinctual behaviors similar to their wild ancestors. Destructive behavior in dogs often stems from lacking an appropriate outlet for mental and physical energy. Dog Games® are a great tool for redirecting unwanted behavior, as well as rewarding and reinforcing polite behavior.


In addition to aiding in basic obedience training, Dog Games® can be used to introduce and practice more advanced training skills. The step-by-step problem-solving learned during play allows dogs to practice and improve skills that can translate into the focus needed for more complex tasks.

Games & Puzzles Facilitate The Family Bond
Dog Games® are designed to facilitate the human-canine bond through positive interaction, shared experiences, and much-needed socialization.
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In addition to housing social species in the same enclousers, zoos have even evolved their enrichment programs to include interaction with zookeepers and trainers. They have found that animals benefit from the ability to socialize with a “family,” just as they would in the wild.


Moreover, the added bonding time helps trainers to earn the trust of the animals, as well as make valuable visual observations regarding their health.

Dogs stand to gain more through interaction with their human family members than through being left alone with a puzzle or toy. The benefits of such interaction extend well beyond the initial mental stimulation and boredom relief. When a dog and his human family members regularly interact by playing challenging games, the group develops a sense of common purpose and shared experiences. For most dogs, these memories and experiences help to form a long-lasting relationship.


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