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Don’t let an achy arm and slobbery ball stand between you and your dog’s favorite pastime. The patent-pending Flik-It™ arm pivots to increase throwing power and accuracy, extending range while reducing joint and muscle strain. In short, it helps you send the ball soaring without getting sore. The Gravity-lock™ slider naturally falls into place to secure the arm for easy, slobber-free ball pickup. During this game of fetch, your dog will tire out long before you do!


  1. Pivot Arm Adds 50% More Velocity to Throws
  2. Gravity-Lock™ for Slobber-Free Ball Pickup
  3. Designed to Reduce Shoulder Strain
  4. Uses Standard Tennis Balls (1 Ball Included)

Price: $12.99

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CODE: 2748

Height: 3 Inches

Width: 3 Inches

Length: 23 Inches

Weight: 0.40 lbs.

UPC: 700603027489

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