Outward Hound® PFAT Bag™

Saves Space. Preserves Freshness. Travels Light.

PFAT Bag (Large)

Dog food is highly perishable. Without proper storage, a Chow’s chow can quickly lose its flavor and nutritional value. Made with rugged nylon and waterproof lining, the PFAT Bag™ is the ultimate in Pest-Free, Air-Tight food storage. Plus, unlike typical kibble carriers, you can adjust the size of the PFAT Bag™ as food diminishes—keeping Fido’s feast fresh while maximizing cabinet space. Tired of transferring the load every time you hit the road? Simply snap together the PFAT Bag’s close loop seal to create an easy-grip carrier handle. The PFAT Bag™ is food storage done right. It saves space, preserves freshness, and travels light.
  1. Keeps Dog Food Fresh and Dry 
  2. Prevents Exposure to Oxygen, Moisture, and Sunlight
  3. Easily Converts for Travel via Close-Loop Handle
  4. Large Size Holds up to 45lbs of Dry Dog Food

Price: $24.99

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CODE: 2685

Height: 6 Inches

Width: 28 Inches

Length: 32 Inches

Weight: 0.45 lbs.

UPC: 700603026857

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